Years ago, planners of biogas plants had the idea of “mastering” the water protection requirements by, for example, feeding silage leachate directly into the biogas plant. And dividing the different collection areas into clean water and polluted wastewater from the farm by so-called separation systems. For a long time now, however, the inefficacy of this idea has been recognised. Indeed, a considerable number of agriculturists hope quite fervently that no representative from the responsible regional water authorities will ever come by to conduct inspections. It is common knowledge that separation systems have not proven successful in practice. The fact that consultants and Chambers of Agriculture provide advice on cleaning silage areas and inform agriculturists that groundwater must be protected does little to help the situation. Truth be told, there is simply no time to deal with rainfall separation and monitoring. Many agriculturists now catch the entire rainfall for the sake of simplicity and then spread it onto adjacent areas, for example. SIWOPLAN provides thoroughly thought-out economical and time-saving solutions. We would like to tell you more about our concepts.