Completely irrespective of where in the world you are farming, either in the USA, Europe, Asia or elsewhere. Large investments are necessary to succeed in global markets. But these investments must be profitable – otherwise, your business will not survive.
The agriculturist of today has to be an expert in many fields: animal husbandry, breeding, veterinary medicine, machine technology, slurry technology, etc. – not to mention the financing of all this.

Such problems and issues require support from reliable and competent partners who have answers to the many pertinent questions, and help to ensure that the investments make good sense.

At SIWOPLAN, we have made it our business to find such answers in the areas of slurry storage and slurry technology – so we now have a selection of solution systems at the ready. The company can draw on more than 20 years of experience in this field. SIWOPLAN foil earthen dam basins are cost-effective, economical and durable. Such basins provide optimal slurry storage solutions for small businesses and large companies alike. SIWOPLAN systems are cost-effective and so the agriculturist can invest the money saved here into other areas of the business.

No matter how an earthen dam basin is constructed, the “make or break” of every system is the excavation work.
Issues such as slope angle, soil type, soil compaction, soil volume calculation, installation of extraction and filling pipes, etc. play a decisive role in this connection. High-quality, impeccable excavation work is essential for a top standard construction.

Whether you require a volume of 300 m³ or 300,000 m³ – we construct your storage basin accordingly. When it comes to planning and constructing your slurry earthen dam basin, you can rely on our company and our more than 25 years of professional experience.

From planning permission to the finished product – everything from one single source!